Summer Jobs at Camp — FAQs

How does this service help me find staff?

There are two ways you can find staff using Summer Jobs @ Camp:

  1. Post a Job
    • Posting a position you will have open next summer is the most common way of finding staff. This service allows you to add a job ad for EACH postition; not just a general description of your camp. After you create an Employer Account, you can then post your open positions, and they will be maintained in a highly organized format to allow excellent searching capabilities so that the right candidates find your opportunity. When an opening is posted, you may view the number of times your ad has been viewed and applied to. All responses received online are conveniently stored in your account. Communications from our internal messaging system (which allows you to communicate with the candidate without revealing to them your e-mail address) are stored in a candidate file along with any notes you decide to take. You may update, remove, or renew your posting at any time.
  2. View the Resumes
    • Candidate Profiles are collected from both active and passive job seekers. These profiles are much like resumes but are enhanced with additional information, including the candidate's work preferences and salary expectations. You do not pay unless:
      • a) you find a candidate you would like to consider and contact them through the system
      • b) that candidate expresses an interest in being considered and contacts you back stating their interest (See sample of e-mail job seeker would receive if contacted through the resume service)

Before you may start browsing candidate profiles, we need to validate that you belong to an organization. To do this, simply fax a copy of your business card, letterhead, business license, trade name certificate, or other documentation to 860.447.4562. Your validation will be confirmed by email.

How much does it cost?

See our pricing.

What are the benefits of a Job Posting Subscription as opposed to a Single Job Posting?

Placing three single ads ($150 x 3 = $450 costs more than simply buying a subscription so that you may post unlimited ads. ($350 - for ACA camps) See the pricing page for details.

What is "My Recruting" account?

The "My Recruiting" account is where you manage all aspects of your account. This includes storage of Candidate Profiles, both actively and passively being considered. You may take notes online and have them stored in the Candidate's File. All communications between you and a candidate may occur in our secure communication structure (all messages received are automatically stored in the candidate's file).

What is a "Company Profile"?

You can quickly create a free profile of your camp. Candidates use these profiles to learn more about your camp and decide which camps they would be interested in working. Your Profile gives you the perfect venue to broadcast your camp and its benefits to a large number of potential staff.